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Is MECO for you?

If you think God is calling you to serve in the Middle East with MECO, here are three things to consider:

  • Do you have a servant’s heart? MECO people partner with the Church in the Middle East most often in the role of servants not overseers.
  • Are you willing to consider others more important than yourself? MECO needs people who are team players; people who are willing to go that extra mile for others.
  • Are you willing to trust the Lord to supply all your needs? MECO is a faith mission and that means that to work overseas you will have to raise prayer and financial support from among your family, friends and churches.


Could a team of young people from our Church work with
a Church in the Middle East?
Absolutely! Every year MECO offers a summer program called Middle East Experience Team (MEET). The short-term trip, for almost four weeks, costs less than $900 (not including airfare and insurance) and is for students who are at least 18 years old. Participants work in a program developed by a local Church.

We would recommend that your team take at least six months to prepare for such a trip. They’ll need time to pray, to listen to God, to learn about Middle Eastern culture, to raise the necessary funds to cover their expenses.

I’ve decided not to go to college or university for a few years.
Could I spend a year working in the Middle East?

The answer to your question is a question: Is God calling you to the Middle East? Or are you thinking you’d like to work in the Middle East because it is an area of the world you’d like to explore? Here is another question: If God is calling you to the ME what do you think He wants you to do? Based on your answers, we’ll be able to direct you to opportunities for service.

I’m retired. Does MECO take old codgers like me?
If you pass our health examination, have skills that are needed in the Middle East, and are under the age of 70, we’d be happy to consider your application.

How Can You Pray for MECO Canada?

  • MECO Canada’s greatest need is to carry out God’s work, God’s way, for His glory. Please pray that we will be able to recognize what it is that He wants us to do, when He wants us to do it and how He wants it to be done.
  • We are also praying to the Lord of the Harvest to send 22 Canadians out with MECO.

How Do You Know If God Is Leading You Into Missions?

In May, Charles Price, senior pastor of The Peoples Church in Toronto, spoke at Fresh Festival, a youth event that was held in conjunction with Peoples’ Global Missions Conference.

Pastor Price told the audience there are five keys for recognizing that God is leading you into missions:

Know where you are going.
According to Pastor Price it is God who puts desires into our hearts; gives direction for our lives. God, he says, was your Creator before He was your Savior. He created you for a purpose and He provides guidance accordingly. (Psalm 37:4)

Get started now.
Pastor Price recommends that if you are feeling called to missions don’t sit passively waiting until you are accepted by a mission agency. Start working locally until you go overseas. “Start where you are and start now,” he says. If you read biographies of well known missionaries you’ll find that most did exactly that. Pastor Prices adds that if God moves you in the direction of Christian service where He wants you, people will begin to see it. He also says the Holy Spirit will energize your natural gifts and your spiritual gifts.

Keep listening to God.
Pastor Price notes that God doesn’t always speak right away. He may give a vision for something you are to do and then say nothing more, until the time is right. “You hear most from God when you are in prayer. Look at the book of Acts. God speaks when people are praying,” he says.

Look for red lights.
According to Pastor Price, you shouldn’t look for green lights but keep moving in the direction you think you should be going until you see red lights. He notes that the Apostle Paul, during his second mission trip, was stopped twice before finding out where God wanted him to go. (Acts: 16 1-10)

Never think you have arrived.
No matter what you’ve accomplished, Pastor Price says you should forget the former things. “Don’t live in the past. Press on towards the mark…” (Isaiah 43:18)

As a final word of advice he says, “If there is an inkling of what God wants you to do, pray it through.”

MECO Canada is:

  • A non-profit charity registered with the Canadian Government
  • An affiliate member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.
  • A member of Finishers Canada
  • A member of the Hamilton/Halton Mission Agencies

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